What are the Prices of Moving to Geneva ?

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The decision is made: you will move, all administrative steps are completed and your next accommodation is waiting for you! Now, it’s time to think about the budget. How much does a move to Geneva cost? How much does it cost?

The cost of a move to Geneva

Before discussing about the cost, note that the expenses related to the actual move can be grouped in two: logistical expenses and transportation costs. 

  • Logistics costs cover all expenses before the move: the purchase of boxes and packing materials, the rental of lifting equipment, the fee of movers, the rental of storage space for your furniture if necessary , paperwork, etc.
  • Transportation costs include the rental of a moving truck, the driver’s salary and the cost to be paid depending on the distance to be traveled.

How to calculate the cost of a move to Geneva?

The determination of your moving expenses in Geneva must consider three criteria: the volume of goods, the number of rooms in your old home and the distance to cover. 

How to estimate the volume of items to be moved ? 

Unlike the calculation of a surface, the estimation in m3 is not necessarily obvious. If a professional mover in Geneva will be able to make a more precise estimate, we will be satisfied with this formula: the volume in m3 = the half of the surface. In other words, a housing of 50 m² (on the ground) will have about a volume of 25 m3. 

In the French-speaking part of Switzerland, as the city of Geneva is one of them, movers charge an average of 50 CHF per m3. 

The cost of moving to Geneva according to the number of rooms 

The more rooms you have, the higher the cost of moving is, as there will be more objects and furniture to pack and transport. In the following table, we give you an indication of the cost of moving depending on the size of your accommodation in Geneva. 

Housing size Cost of moving in CHF (min-max) 
Studio 350 to 600
1 or 1,5 room 550 to 750
2 rooms 790 to 1040
3 rooms 1020 to 1620
4 rooms 1620 to 1820
5 rooms 1830 to 2170
6 rooms and more 2400 and more


Moving expenses in Geneva according to the distance to be traveled 

The distance between your old and new homes will affect the cost of transportation, as will the number of rooms to be emptied. 

Distance Housing size Cost in CHF
From Geneva to Geneva Studio 350 to 550 CHF
T2 ou T3 Housing 900 to 1300 CHF
T3 ou T4 Housing 1200 to 1700 CHF
Entire house 1600 CHF and more
From Geneva to another town about 200 km Studio 550 to 750 CHF
T2 ou T3 Housing 1500 to 2000 CHF
T3 ou T4 Housing 1800 to 2500 CHF
Entire house 2300 to 3500 CHF


It is difficult, however, to estimate an international move from Geneva. The best way to do this is to refer to a reliable and cheap professional moving in Geneva like Carbonie who has a room in 34 Rue de l’Athénée.

How to reduce the cost of moving to Geneva?

A cheaper move to Geneva is possible if you follow these few tips.

  • Sorting out: The more objects and furniture you have to move, the greater the volume will be, and higher the cost will be. Anything that is not needed can be donated or thrown away to reduce moving expenses.
  • Pack your items: If you have time, buy your own moving boxes and pack your stuff, taking care of protecting delicate items. At the same time, it will be time to contact handyman to disassemble furnitures. However, you will gain considerable time by entrusting this task to a mover in Geneva.
  • Plan and organize your move in advance: Providing a professional mover in Geneva costs a lot less when the tasks assigned to him are well defined in advance. In this way, you can indicate the day and time of the items wrapping, the packing (having taken care of reserving the parking for the moving truck), the moment of the loading of the container for an international move (provided that the customs procedures are first settled), etc. If you take things in hand and entrust only the execution of the specific tasks to the mover in Geneva, the cost will be decreasing.

When is the best time to move to Geneva? 

The moving season in Geneva is intense between mid-April and September. During this season, professional movers are overbooked and rates can go up very quickly. Also, to save money, move as far as possible your move in autumn and winter. 

It’s the same for moving days. The price at the end of the week is higher than in working days. So maybe it would be better to take days off rather than move during a weekend. 

And to be sure you get the best moving price in Geneva, consider planning everything in advance. Do not warn the mover at the last minute, as this will increase the amount of work to be done in a very short time, and this will necessarily affect the cost.

Save time and money by referring to a comparator

A movers comparator in Geneva can help you save time and money. The most of these sites is that they evaluate companies that play in the same category; in other words they compare true professional movers according to the formulas you want. 

By referring to a comparator, you can also get a free and personalized quote on the cost of your move in Geneva.

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