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Choose only official movers. Only we can guarantee:

To be on time, to work accurately, to assemble
your furniture exactly as it was before your move.

  • More than 5 years of experience

    Our movers can reassemble an IKEA wardrobe in 30 minutes. You won’t find any moving company in company Zug that is more efficient.

  • Small prices

    Stay within your budget. We will choose a suitable option for you. Our pricesare fixed and transparent. No hidden costs.

  • 7 VANS of 20m3

    We have the appropriate infrastructure for any move: 5 vans, 2 trailers, and1 lift. We also have partners for renting vans.

  • Plus de 2000 satisfied clients

    Our clients recommend us to their friends and rate us highly through social media

  • 10 storage spaces of 25m3

    If you haven’t found a new place before your move, we have storage available for you.

Our Tariffs For Relocation service in Zug



Price of movers

Price Starts From

1600 CHF

499 CHF

  • Transport of your belongings with a professional driver from your old to new apartment.
  • Careful loading/unloading and positioning in the VAN according to rulesand regulations.
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Moving quote

Price Starts From

2300 CHF

1499 CHF

  • Transport of your belongings with a professional driver from your old to new apartment.
  • Careful loading/unloading and positioning in the VAN according to rules and regulations.
  • Transporting items to any floor with or without a lift.
  • Disassembly/reassembly of all kinds of furniture with experienced assemblers.
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Moving cost

Price Starts From

4600 CHF

3499 CHF

  • Transport of your belongings with a professional driver from your old to new apartment.
  • Careful loading/unloading and positioning in the VAN according to rules and regulations.
  • Transporting items to any floor with or without a lift.
  • Disassembly/reassembly of all kinds of furniture with experienced assemblers.
  • Positioning in rooms in accordance with your plans. You do not need to run after each item telling us where it should be.
  • Complete packing. If you do not have time for your move, it is exactly what you need. We will pack absolutely everything.
  • Cleaning after the move in Zug. We know all the requirements of agencies.
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Les prix de déménagement à Zug varient selon la distance entre le lieu de chargement des objets et le lieu de la livraison, selon le nombre d’étages des bâtiments ainsi que le nombre, poids et volume des objets à transporter. Ils varient aussi selon la difficulté de démontage et remontage et le nombre de personnes impliqués dans l’opération. Envoyez nous une demande claire pour que nous la transmettions à un spécialiste.

If a service is not included in the package, you can order it separately.

How does CARBONIE - Household relocation company work?

  • Send us a request.

    It is absolutely FREE and involves no obligations or commitments.

  • Receive a call.

    Supply us with all the necessary information about your belongings to ensure correct estimations. To prevent any misunderstandings, it is best to arrange a visit with a professional estimator.

  • Receive a quote.

    After the initial visit or a phone call, you will receive a letter with an official offer of the quote.

  • Reserve date and time.

    After accepting our moving quote in Zug, you rest assured that we will arrive promptly at your home at the agreed time. Any more questions? Call us on: 043 508 88 03.

  • Happy client.

    When your move is done, we are glad to receive a feedback from you. We are also happy to see you again.

Why should I hire a professional?

6 critical mistakes made by 90% of amateurs!

Some people consider making their move in Zugthemselves. Here we explain why it is necessary to hire professionals, providing you with just a handful of the crucial things that amateurs do not take into consideration.

Transit VAN

1. Transit VAN: not big enough for your belongings.

Do you know the volume of your belongings in m3? The answer will lead you to choosing an appropriate van. For driving a transit VAN you will need special skills and sometimes a driving license with a certain category. Unskilled driving can result in damage to the VAN and losing your deposit, as well as damaging your belongings. To avoid this, order a VAN with a professional driver, who can quickly and safely deliver your belongings to the correct destination.

Professional movers

2. Incorrect loading will result in a fine and driving ban.

Do you know that there are certain rules for positioning belongings inside a VAN? Are you aware of weight restrictions? Infraction of these two regulations can result in a big fine and a driving ban for up to several months. Our movers in Zug have the expertise to avoid all breakages and fines.

Disassembly and reassembly of furniture

3. Failure in furniture reassembling.

The disassembly of furniture can take quite a while, and reassembly probably even more. It is important not to forget that there is a strict order and technique to assembling furniture. Entrust this work to the professionals.

Storage Lausanne

4. Storage: it is not always easy to find a cheap space for your required dates.

Cheap storage spaces are normally 90% full and it is not simple to find one that is available for your moving out date. Do not worry! We have a solution for you. You are welcome to use our storage with friendly tariffs.

Cleaning after move

5. Cleaning: estate agents can be picky!

Cleaning after a move in Zug is a meticulous task, and estate agents can be very pickyabout the standards that have to be reached. Our professional cleaners are wellaware of the standards that estate agents expect.

Carton boxes

6. Packaging can cost you a fortune.

To buy cardboard boxes in bulk for your move in Zug is going to cost you a pretty penny. But not if you move with CARBONIE. Our household relocation company provides its clients with boxes of different sizes for free, although you can also buy them on a permanent basis at affordable prices from our shop.

7 reason why more than 2000 clients are satisfied

  • 1

    We have the best client service. We are very flexible and can arrange meetings at the most convenient time for you. Moreover, our moving company in Zug perfectly understands your worries about your futuremove, and that is why we are in contact constant constantly in touch with you and ready to answer all your questions.

  • 2

    We have the best quality corresponding to the price.

  • 3

    Our movers are experienced and highly qualified in driving , carrying, loading/unloading, assembly/disassembly.

  • 4

    You will save time. We provide our clients withsimple solutions. You don’t need to look for cardboard boxes, cleaners, renovation services, or storage.

  • 5

    You order as much service as is necessary.We can just do basic transportation and provide you with two movers in order to load your VAN. Or, we can provide you with a complete moving service in Zug that covers all necessary steps from the initial packing of your belongings to their assembly and placement in your new home.

  • 6

    A bespoke service for every move takes into consideration the type of furniture you have, access to your house, and lift availability.

  • 7

    Stay within your budget and discuss your requirements with our managers. We are sure that we are able to find a suitable package almost for any client.

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About CARBONIE - Household relocation company in Zug

As a household moving company, CARBONIE has quickly gained the trust of clients. This is due to the experience and qualifications of our movers, who have been working in the field for more than 5 years. We also provide excellent customer service by tailoring our approach to the needs of each client.

Our offices are located in different parts of Switzerland, in French and Deutsch parts. Moreover, we locate our VANs in different cities to ensure a quick response to client inquiries. Currently our VANs are located in Geneva, Lausanne, Yverdon, Nyon, Morges, Nyon, Vevey, Gland, Fribourg, Neuchatel, Zurich.

Our enterprises
Moving companu

We successfully move our clients all around Switzerland. Also we move our clients from/to abroad. The destinations that are currently available for a move to/from abroad are: the UK, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland.

Our up-to-date and simple approach to the moves allows us progress on a constant basis. By choosing us, you are choosing experienced and trustworthy specialists.If you have any questions, You can also send us your questionsthrough the form.

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What is the danger in hiring a cheap transporter in Zug?

Unscrupulous and unfair transporters play with your trust.

Cheap and attractive price for move in Zug looks really tempting when signing a contract. But a cheap price doesn’t reflect quality and will often result in unforeseen problems. Here are just a few of them:

  • How do cheap transporters work?
  • Cheap movers give you a small quote.

    Not all, but many transporters show you a small quote in order to win the tender. But at the end of the move they will most probably claim for more money for their services than was originally predicted.

  • Cheap movers often drop.

    Usually, cheap transporters in Zug manage to get many clients. But you do not have any guarantee that they will complete your order. If they have two clients onthe same day and one is offering a bigger price for the services, the mover will favour the one that is more expensive. And, unfortunately, we have many clients that were waiting for their cheap movers , but they were dropped and no mover came.

  • Cheap movers are often not qualified

    Cheap transporters in Zug are not necessarily qualified movers. Do not pin your hopes on a high quality service. If you have precious furniture, it is better to pay a bit more and be sure to receive a good quality service.

  • ATTENTION !!! Robberies and thefts.

    With a cheap moving service in Zug, the probability of robberies and thefts is growing.It is not the case with most movers, but we strongly recommend you are careful with your precious belongings. Take care of them in advance in order to prevent unwanted thefts.

  • Cheap movers in Zug have no evidences of a deal.

    In most cases, there will be no contractual evidence after you’ve agreed a deal with a cheap transporter. So, you are putting yourself in risk by putting all of your belongings in a VAN with an unfamiliar person.

  • With cheap movers you have risks of the safety.

    Letting a cheap transporter into your home doesn’t just put all your belongings at risk, it also risks the safety of yourself and your family.

  • How does CARBONIE MOVERS work?
  • CARBONIE MOVERS have transparent tariffs

    Our firm has a system of transparent tariffs. When accepting our quote, you can be fully confident that it will not change. Naturally, there arerare occasions when a discrepancy might occur due to unforeseen circumstances, but in most of the cases you will pay the price that was discussed with you in advance without any changes.

  • CARBONIE makes official conformation of your move

    After booking a move in Zug with us you will receive an official confirmation, witha price, of your future move details via e-mail. We will constantly stay in touch in order to answer any questions regarding your move. Moreover, 1 day prior to your move you will receive a reminder e-mail.

  • In CARBONIE MOVERS we have only qualified specialists.

    We employ only qualified specialists with over 5 years’ experience. Our company specialists include furniture assemblers, packers, loaders, and drivers. This makes our teams strong and ready to respond to any difficulties that may arise during your move in Zug.

  • CARBONIE - it's an official Swiss moving company

    Our movign company officially registered in Switzerland.On our web site you will find our physical and juridical addresses. Throughoutyour move, you will receive a set of documents that verifies our working together. Thus, you can be 100% sure that we are trustworthy and will receive your belongings back.

  • CARBONIE never recorded any maltreatment.

    Our company has never recorded any maltreatment with clients or their belongings.


    Think twice before hiring a cheap transporter. Bear in mind that the cheapestproduct will often include unseen expenses, and certainly doesn’t guarantee the best service.

CARBONIE movers in Zug - Recommendations

  • Ann

    Manager of CARBONIE DEMENAGEMENT came round that Monday afternoon, checked what we had, discussed what we required and sent us the (extremely competitive!) quote the same evening! This was service straight out of the top drawer.Cannot recommend this company enough - they saved us when we thought we were lost and were friendly, professional, quick clean and fairly priced. Thanks CARBONIE DEMENAGEMENT, thank you so much.

  • Emzar

    I have been living for 15 years in the same flat. I had so many things that I wanted to throw away but I never did. 2 guys came and within 1 hour everything was gone. That was great! it’s like to start a new life.

  • Olga

    I originally found that it was too expensive to move with CARBONIE DEMENAGEMENT. But after I called other companies, they appeared to be the cheapest and since my husband had a back problem we decided to ask them. 4 persons worked for more than 12 hours and we saw some great job. Thanks again!

  • Alexandre

    I've recently moved from London to Lausanne and my friend advised me to take CARBONIE DEMENAGEMENT. They are excellent professionals who know all about paperwork with customs, and all I needed to do was just sign the papers. I really liked that they were working like a Swiss watch.

  • Eugene

    I've recently moved from one flat in Lausanne to another one. It was not a difficult move but they helped me to clean and repaint the flat. It was really looking fine and money saving. I recommend it!

  • Julija

    Moving is really a lot of stress and I think I chose the best quality for the price I paid. It’s very quick and cheap.


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Pour petits et grands, un déménagement occasionne stress et préoccupations. Chez les enfants, ces sentiments augmentent dans la mesure où ils ne sont pas toujours à même de comprendre les motifs du changement. Du côté des adultes, ce sont surtout les organisations, les dépenses et les petits détails qui les préoccupent. Au risque de commencer votre nouvelle vie sur une note de discorde, mettez toujours en avant la communication entre les membres de la famille pour que la transition se passe de la manière la plus douce possible. La participation de tout le monde au déménagement est une méthode simple

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