All the organisations you have inform when you change your address

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  • Address change

    All the organisations you have inform when you change your address

    Your place of employment

  • Financial institutions
  • The bank where you have an open account, credit card companies
  • Health insurance company (it’s better if you notify straight away. It’s important not only to receive your bills on time but also to review the conditions of the contract)
  • Vision / dental / catastrophic insurance company
  • Car insurance company
  • Your rental or home insurance company
  • Your child’s school
  • Your child’s doctor, babysitter, music instructor, and others who provide paid services
  • Your pet’s veterinarian and kennel
  • Your alma mater
  • Mobile operator, TV, utilities, cable, phone and internet provider
  • Family doctor, dentist, optometrist and medical professionals you see regularly
  • Taxes, bills for electricity and water (you can notify through Residents Office)
  • Circulation departments of magazines, newspapers and catalogues you subscribe to
  • Different companies where you ever bought something or applied for a service. Examples: car or motor salon, Internet shop of cloth, fidelity carts from shops and etc.
  • Anyone who may need to send you final bills or info about their professional services in your new area
  • Friends & family, particularly those who go through the trouble to send holiday cards and paper invitations

What is paperwork order for notifying Residents Office about address change?

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