Guide to chose well your Moving Boxes for your Move in Geneva


One of the most dreaded tasks when moving to Geneva is the packaging and wrapping phase. Although this is an opportunity to revisit old objects that recall memories and experiences, it is also a tedious step that can take a long time. The only alternative is to entrust this task to a professional mover in Geneva; otherwise, it will be necessary to think about boxes. How to choose the removal boxes? Can we be satisfied with old boxes hanged at home? Overview on the issue in this article.

Tips for choosing the right moving boxes in Geneva 

Moving boxes are chosen according to their size and the volume of the assets to be moved. First, you will need different sizes boxes; the ideal would also be to find some specific boxes.

Choosing moving boxes according to their sizes

Small size, standard size or large size, which box is made for which object? 

  • For heavy and small objects such as books and knick-knacks, small moving boxes are more suitable. In general, they display dimensions around 35 × 27.5 × 30 cm and can support about 20 kg. 
  • More common and larger, moving boxes of medium or standard size are essential. Although they have a greater capacity with dimensions of 55 × 35 × 30 cm, they also support around 20 kg of objects. They are recommended for clothes, shoes, linens, toys, etc. 
  • Large size moving boxes with 45x45x565 cm dimensions are certainly more difficult to find, but they make large items store easy large such as pillows, duvets, carpets and cushions. Note that regardless its capacity, these boxes can not be overloaded and can not support a weight greater than 40 kg.
  • You can make your move to Geneva easier by choosing specific boxes, especially for fragile items such as wine bottles, glasses, plates, etc. 
  • Here is, however, a remark. For a move Geneva-Geneva or even a move from Geneva to another canton, you do not have to buy too expensive boxes. By the way, an international move from Geneva requires professional moving boxes and bubble papers to protect your belongings. Une remarque est cependant à faire.

How many moving boxes do you need to have successful move to Geneva ?

The number of boxes you need to buy depends on the volume of your items to be moved. A very simple method allows to establish the cubage by dividing by 2 the surface on the ground of a piece to obtain its volume in m3. However, for a more accurate calculation, there are sites that estimate the cubage of your items based on furnitures you own. 

Nevertheless, here is an indicative estimation of the standard size boxes number  needed for a move to Geneva. 

Surface of a piece Number of standard boxes
20 m² 8 to 12
30 m² 12 to 20
50 m² 25 to 30
70 m² 35 to 40
90 m² 45 to 55
130 m² 65 to 75


Where to buy moving boxes in Geneva ? 

Many stores in Geneva sell generic and specific moving boxes.

This is the case of Carbonie, which has an office at 34 Rue de l’Athénée. In addition to boxes, it is a real moving company, one of the best in Geneva according to the website

Also find professional moving boxes at the Jumbo store, located at 12 Rue des Entreprises in Meyrin. A plethora of offers await you: boxes of all sizes, glass protectors, perforated foam film, bubble wrap, moving blankets and boxes protective covers, etc. 

Migros stores also sell moving boxes. They are numerous in Geneva: at Balexert, at the station, at Les Cygnes shopping center, etc. 

Real specialist in packaging equipment, Secur’Storage will meet all your needs. From generic boxes to those which are specific for wine bottles, wardrobes, appliances and household appliances and others; different types of bubble wrap and stretch film for boxes protection, this store located in Carouge, on 4 Rue Antoine-Jolivet will not disappoint you. 

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