What is included in the price for a move in Switzerland?

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Lorsque vous changez d'adresse, vous devez prendre en considération...

And is it true that some companies give lower quotes while others give higher quotes?

The price for moves in Switzerland depends on several factors:

  1. The distance of transportation.

    It is important to know how many kilometres are between of your old and new apartment.

  1. The volume of your affairs in m3.

    This will affect 3 things:

    • Time of loading of a van
    • How long will it take for movers to move your affairs and to disassembly / reassembly your furniture
    • Which van is it better to use

    Probably, if you have a huge house with many pieces of furniture, you would consider asking for a huge truck to transport all your belongings in one shot thinking that the price for a move will be much cheaper. It’s not always the case because there is a tax per km in Switzerland for vans bigger than 3,5 tonnes. For this reason moving companies prefer to make several trips, if your old and new apartments are not too long from each other or alternatively to send 2-3 vans of 20m3 for your move.

  1. At which floor is your apartment and is there a lift?

    If there is not lift in your house and your apartment is at 5s floor, the price for a move can be much higher. It happens because movers will have to carry all the items themselves or you will have to order a high specialist with platform to transport everything through the window.

  1. Transportation of bulky goods

    • If you have an extremely heavy table or a bed made of solid wood or any other bulky and heavy goods, a moving company normally offers 2 way of transportation:
    • If you have a free access to your house and it’s easy to find a place for two vans, order a platform for transporting everything through the window.
    • If the access to your house is really difficult and there is no place for parking a platform, order a big team of movers. They will easily take care of this challenge.

    For estimation of the volume of the moves you can invite moving company for a free visit. Our specialists of move will check the access to your house and will recommend the best way to do your move.

    Receive a free moving quote

    Read how to transport bulky goods.

  1. Packing materials for a move

    The quality and quantity of packing materials can affect the price for a move a lot. Not all the movers have professional packing materials. They can offer you a small price but they can damage your belongings a lot. Ask your mover in advance what does he have like packing materials, if you want your furniture to be safe.

  1. Extra services during the move:

    • Packing all the belongings before the move
    • Assembly and reassembly of furniture (the level of difficulty, number of pieces)
    • Providing with free packing materials and carton boxes
  1. Insurance against damages

    To conclude, the price for moves in Switzerland cannot be really different simply because the prices for gas, 1 specialist of moves, packing materials and etc are the same price in Switzerland. If you received 3 different prices, do not forget to ask your moving company what is included in the tariff for move.

“During a visit 1 company gave me a price that is much cheaper than the tariffs of other movers. Should I trust this company?”

Find our the tariffs for moving services in Switzerland

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