Tips and Tricks to make a Reliable Move to Geneva

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Your move to Geneva is fast approaching and the time has come for budgeting. If you are worried that the bill will become too salty, we have concocted for you these few tips for a cheap move to Geneva.

Start by sorting out!

Big volume of good means high moving budget. Thus, it will be a good opportunity to sort through your personal belongings.

Did you know that in Geneva, you can get rid of bulky items (furniture or appliances) you do not want anymore? The road service – Clean City will pick them up and you’ll just have to get them out by 6:30 am the day the agents come to pick them up. You have three ways to contact this service: either by going to the Acacias, 10 Rue François-Dussaud; either by making an appointment on 0800 22 42 22 (free line); or by completing an online application.

Do you know the concept of participatory moving? 

Moving to Geneva at a lower cost by soliciting your family to join you: this is the basis of the participative move. Collection of moving boxes, help with the packing of your belongings, dismantling of your furniture by your relatives who are well versed in DIY; all this will save you time and money.

Be always careful when talking about this concept. For jobs requiring a high level of meticulousness, it is better to contact a professional mover in Geneva. Among the situations that may require the intervention of a professional, citing the manipulation of an imposing and delicate object, such as a statue or a piano; the impossibility of transporting furniture that involves the use of a lift, etc.

The principle of participatory moving has a correspondence in goods transfer : grouped transport. Cheap moving firms in Geneva regularly organize grouped transport where you will share a moving van with other people.

And if you take charge the organization? 

Another option is to organize your move yourself and assign specific tasks to the mover. Even if you work solo, you can assure everything and offer an already well-defined schedule to the mover of your choice in Geneva . This will significantly reduce your moving costs in Geneva.

Choose the right time to move 

During the spring and summer season, movers are overbooked. Also, if you plan to negotiate your removal expenses in Geneva during this time, there is a great chance that you will not achieve your goals. Prefer autumn and winter for your move to Geneva and, if possible, stall your date in the middle of the week.

Compare offers: play the competition 

There are many comparators where you can compare offers from different moving companies in Geneva and choose the cheapest formula. At Carbonie Déménagement Genève for example, a national company with located at 34 Rue de l’Athénée, we will offer you professionals workforce at an adapted price with a small move.

Guide to chose well your Moving Boxes for your Move in Geneva
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