The dangers of a low price for the move

Un déménageur bon marché
Les dangers d'un prix bas pour le déménagement

If you invite moving companies for a free moving quote, in most of the cases the price will differ +/- 100 – 500 CHF. But there might be a company that will offer you a very low price for your move that will be 50% cheaper than the rest. Be really careful with this kind of offers! You take a big risk by accepting it. Only not official movers can give you offers like that. So, there are several risks that you have to consider before accepting this offer:

  1. A cheap mover can drop you at the day of the move

Yes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Due to the fact that the demand for moving services exceeds at the end of the month, small movers can use this fact in their favour. At the beginning of the month it is difficult to predict the demand for them. So, they offer you a very cheap price for a move in order to be sure that they close the deal. But the most interesting starts at the end of the month when the demand is growing. This mover has already the deal. So, he can try to ask for bigger and bigger price from new customers. As soon as he receives a fairly high price, he will switch to another client. Do not expect that he will call you back and cancel the move. It’s sad, but we receive quite a number of phone calls from people that ordered a very cheap moving service but at the day of the move no one came and even did not reply the phone calls. In a good scenario, you will overpay for your move, in the bad one you won’t have an available mover and you will have to find and an agreement with your apartment owner and the new tenant coming to your apartment.

Find out how to choose an official mover in Switzerland and to protect yourself from irresponsible services.

  1. Another reason for a very cheap price for a move can be lack of necessary services.

For example, he won’t use professional packing materials. In this case your furniture can be damaged a lot. He probably will not have an insurance to cover the expenses for broken items.

Find out what exactly is included in the price of move.

  1. Be aware of thieves

There is one more danger for a cheap moving service. A mover will give you a cheap moving quote while he will be tempted to still some items from your apartment.

Here we give examples of some types of cheating during moves

Do not think that tariffs for moves are too high. Ask for a free moving quote right now!

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