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Like any agglomeration where the urbanism blows hard, Geneva does not escape the problems of parkings. However, during your move to Geneva, you will be obliged to reserve a location for the truck, the time of packing or unpacking. How to book parking places for a move to Geneva? We make it clear in this article.

Who is responsible for booking parking places in Geneva? 

The State of Geneva commissioned Traceroute SA, located at 10 Chemin du Plantin in Meyrin, to manage parking reservations in Geneva. Traceroute collaborates with the gendarmerie for the organization of related requests.

If you want to save on moving costs in Geneva, make the reservation of parking places by yourself for moving trucks. Nevertheless, the professional mover you contact may do it for you.

How to book parking for moving trucks in Geneva? 

Reservations are made online and you will have to complete a form that specifies the number of places you need, the exact date and the expected duration of parking. You will also need to indicate the move as nature of the reservation

All these informations must be sent to Traceroute at least 5 working days before the date of your move to Geneva. The panels to signal reservations will be fixed 72 hours before the occupation day.

How long can I reserve parking for a move to Geneva?

In many cases, a move takes more than a day, especially if there is a large amount of goods to move. Also, you can reserve the parking places for moving trucks up to 6 days.

Beyond 6 days, you must first apply for authorization to the Transport Directorate-General, located at 4 chemin des Olliquettes in Lancy.

How much does a reservation of parking places cost in Geneva?

Based on a 6-day booking, the cost varies depending on the number of seats desired. 

  • 1 to 3 places of consecutives parking  : 220 CHF
  • 4 to 5 places : 280 CHF
  • 6 to 7 places : 340 CHF
  • From 8 places, you must contact the Traceroute company.

What if parking places are used by other vehicles on the day? 

If you have followed the steps of the reservation and that, despite everything, one or cars have parked at the location that is intended for you, you must immediately contact the Geneva Gendarmerie who will resolve the situation. Here you will find the list of Gendarmerie posts in Geneva with their telephone numbers.

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