My move in Fribourg is coming soon but I have not found a new apartment yet

Are you planning to move in Fribourg but you have not found yet a new apartment? This is very frustrating especially if the date of your move is coming soon. No worries at all. We have very good news for you. CARBONIE MOVERS now offers an ideal storage space for your move in Fribourg and in the other cities such as Montreux, Neuchâtel … etc. By keeping your belongings in our storage space, you will have that peace of mind and you will have enough time to look for and find a new apartment.

Our new storage space in Moudon with a surface of around  equipped with 25 wooden boxes and provides a storage space of a total volume of 310m3. The boxes are lockable and offer a completely secure and safe place for your belongings. That is not the whole story. We are planning to extend our storage space and add other new boxes. Moreover, the prices we offer are very competitive and cheaper compared to our other storage spaces.

As you may know, Fribourg is a bilingual city on the cultural border between German and French Switzerland. It is also an important economic, administrative and educational center that includes a University. For these reasons, moves and relocation in Fribourg are in high demand and many customers are already using our services either for relocation or to store their belongings in our storage spaces.

If you need the services of Carbonie movers, do not hesitate to ask for a free quote for your move in Fribourg.

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