Moving to Geneva: What you need to know before setting up


Are you planning to move to Geneva? Congratulations, you have chosen a city in which it is good to live! Do you know that the city organizes each year a welcoming ceremony  for new inhabitants and offers programs to facilitate their integration? But before discovering the city, let’s know the indispensable steps of your move to Geneva.

Step 1 : Announce your arrival

For a move Geneva-Geneva or a move from another canton to Geneva, you must go to the Cantonal Office of Population and Migration at 88 Rue de Chancy, in Onex, within 14 days of your arrival. This is the organization that is responsible for updating the register of inhabitants and foreigners. 

Then contact the Cantonal Tax Administration (CTA) located at 26 rue du Stand to fill out forms relating to the payment of your taxes. Then, the CTA will judge whether you are taxable or not. Note that steps are different if you are from another canton or another country.

Step 2 : Find housing

The city of Geneva already provides you a list of websites where you can start your housing research. To speed up the process, see the International Geneva Welcome Center (IGWC) which accompanies future tenants in the research and formalities to be respected. The IGWC has an office at La Pastorale, 106 route de Ferney where we  can directly inquire .

Young people have several inexpensive and cost-effective options for finding housing. Nevertheless, everyone, under certain conditions, can claim social housing. The request must be addressed to the municipal property management, on 5 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville. 

Once you have found your housing, become a member of the Swiss Tenants’ Association (ASLOCA) to protect you against any drift relating to your lease and the non-respect of your tenants’ rights. The Geneva section of ASLOCA is headquartered on 12 Rue du Lac, on the 3rd floor of Les Eaux-Vives. 

Step 3 : Carry insurance

To move in Geneva, you must have health insurance and a document proving it is required for any housing application. The monthly medical insurance contribution in Geneva varies according to the formulas, but the Cantonal Health Insurance Office offers more information on this subject. It is advisable to go directly to this service offices at 62 Route de Frontanex; knowing that calls are saturated most of the time. 

Not mandatory, but highly recommended, the liability insurance will be a great help in case of disasters or theft. Find the best insurer by comparing offers on the Comparis website.

Step 4 : Pay royalties

If you have a radio or television set at home, you will have to pay royalties. All related information is available on the Serafe website, which also receives royalties since 1 January 2019.

Step 5 : Think about children

All parents will confirm it, it is undoubtedly one of the main question in mind during a move: where to find a school or a nursery for children? Being mandatory for children between 4 and 15 years old, going to school is under the auspices of the canton of Geneva, through the Department of Public Education Training and Youth (DIP) located at 6 Rue of the City Hall. If your children are not yet old enough to go to school, the city of Geneva has nurseries and other structures for early childhood; institutions that are the subject of a specific policy. 

Step 6 : About vehicles

Driving license, license plate and motorway coupon, all these points justify a visit to the cantonal vehicles office located at 86 Route de Veyrier. 

A remark should be made on the parking. As an urban complex, finding a place to park in the city of Geneva can be difficult. However, you can get a badge to put on the windshield, which will allow you to park on an established perimeter. To obtain one, go to the Foundation of parkings located on Carrefour de l’Étoile 1, on the 5th floor of the P + R Étoile or the Parking Service  on 6 route des Jeunes in Carouge. 

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