Moving companies recommend you to collect these documents before your move

Les documents pour votre déménagement
Les entreprises de déménagement vous recommandent de rassembler ces documents avant votre déménagement

You have decided to move, you asked for free moving quotes and you’ve finally chosen a cheap moving company within your budget? You have taken a big step. However, the move is still quite a stressful experience, especially when you are moving over a long distance or to another country. In cases where you will probably be far from your stuff for hours, days or weeks, it is important to have certain documents on hand in case they will be necessary during your move. (Just for fun: do you know where your passport is?)

At CARBONIE MOVERS, we have a great experience in moving, and we have much advice to give you to help you avoid any mishap. Before the movers arrive at your home, we advise you to collect these documents and keep them on hand.

Here is a list of documents to keep with you during your move … just in case:

  • Your driver’s license, your bank cards
  • Your passport, ID, and visa
  • The original or certified copies of birth certificates
  • The medical records related to conditions that might pose a risk during the move
  • The phone numbers of kids’ doctors written or printed on paper and easily accessible (in a purse or wallet)
  • The most recent vet check report for pets traveling with you, including updated vaccination documents
  • The registration records of the vehicles and auto insurance cards
  • Copies of rent / mortgage documents of your old and new house, perfectly ordered and accessible
  • A list of important phone numbers written in case, God forbid, your phone is discharged or lost.
  • Your business cards if you are used to distribute them regular.
  • Your check books, if you still use them

As with everything in life, small emergencies can occur at any time, but when moving, as your belongings may be inaccessible for long periods of time, a little planning and preparation can reduce the stress and frustration if things would not work as you’d like. Take a little time, a few days or weeks before your move to put the documents aside and relieve headaches before they start.

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