What does being a Mover in Geneva involve ?

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Moving is always an integral part of human life and, despite our attachment to our roots, many of us choose to leave, to change city, house, country … If we want to accompany Geneva inhabitants in their moves, how should we proceed? How to become a mover in Geneva

The different profiles of a mover in Geneva 

As inhabitants of an urban complex, Geneva residents have specific needs and impose certain criteria in choosing a mover. Also, before becoming a professional mover in Geneva, you must already choose what type of movers you will be. 

A mover in Geneva who stores / packs, unpacks / stores

Despite what we might think, protecting valuable assets from breakage or deterioration during a move is not easy. You can be a mover in Geneva who only deals with the packing during the storage and the unpacking on arrival.

A mover of heavy objects

Some professional movers in Geneva are specialised in the transport of heavy objects. To do this, they must know how to handle lifting equipment, such as a furniture lift that is necessary for apartments with narrow stairwells and elevator shafts. In this case, you are expected to be able to establish a security perimeter for a safe move to Geneva.

A mover specialised in disassembly and assembly 

Some large furniture can be dismantled to facilitate the move to Geneva. And we expect from the mover this savoir-faire and this technique that will allow him to disassemble and mount the furniture according to regulations and safe.

A mover who organizes the move 

If this is your choice, you can be a mover who coordinates the schedule of moves, is in charge of administrative and customs procedures, in case of moving from Geneva to another country or vice versa.

A mover-driver in Geneva 

There is also this option which consist in delivering packaged items from the place of move to the destination. To do this, you must follow the steps to obtain a Category C driving license or higher.

A marine mover in Geneva

Often requested for an international move, a marine mover takes care of the shipping of the customers’ assets. The disassembled furniture will be individually packaged in tearproof bubble sheets or strong boxes before being placed in containers. Also, to become a marine mover in Geneva, you must already know the universe of the containers’ shipping.

Why adopt a specific profile of mover in Geneva? 

Like most industries, it’s hard to find your way among the professional movers in Geneva. Also, the best way to break through is to specialize in one area.

Depending on their needs, customers will look for a specific profile. For the removal of a sofa, for example, they will look sites like GHI to find a cheap mover in Geneva in the classified ads section.

However, if they need to move a large quantity of precious objects abroad, it is normal that they refer to accredited movers-carriers by the Swiss Road Transport Association (ASTAG) or to a mover maritime.

Although, you can take inspiration from some companies like Carbonie Déménagement Genève that combine all these profiles to offer simple and cheap moving services in Geneva for customers while having a more elaborate formula; all with the expertise of a true professional.

How much does a mover make in Geneva? What are his working conditions? 

In Geneva, a collective labor agreement (CCT) entered into force on January 1, 2016 and governs all transport companies with the third parties services and moving companies.

The minimum wages of a mover in Geneva

Profile Seniority Minimum wages
Drivers and staff holding a heavy-duty driver capacity certificate At hiring 4150 CHF
One year 4260 CHF
5 years and over 4560 CHF
Heavy-trucks drivers At hiring 3980 CHF
One year 4260 CHF
5 years and over 4560 CHF
Lightweight truck drivers, packing movers, storekeepers  At hiring 3780 CHF
One year 3930 CHF
5 years and over 4140 CHF
Movers and laborers without a driver’s license for a light car  At hiring 3480 CHF
One year 3680 CHF
5 years and over 4030 CHF
Heavy-duty Driver Apprentice 1st year 800 CHF
2nd year  1200 CHF
3rd year  1800 CHF
Commercial holding a certificate of capacity  At hiring 3830 CHF
One year 4190 CHF
5 years and over 4810 CHF
Office workers At hiring 3630 CHF
One year 3880 CHF
5 years and over 4810 CHF


Working conditions of a mover in Geneva

According to the Geneva CCT, a mover works 45 hours a week, including break time. This hourly volume must be spread over 5 days, but the Convention provides that he may be called for extended hours by his employer. Overtime and works on Saturday afternoons are recovered or increased by 25% while work done before 6 am, after 8 pm and on Sundays is offset by a 50% surcharge.

This same CTC also grants the movers an annual gratification (bonus) that must be paid towards the end of the calendar year. This bonus corresponds to 1/3 of the employees monthly salary under one year and 2/3 after two years of service.

When you can not find a job, how to start your moving company in Geneva? 

If you do not succeed in being hired as a mover or if it is your personal choice, you can create your own moving company in Geneva.

On its website, the Canton of Geneva has published a guide on a company’s creation that details in a practical and synthetic way, the different steps to follow to set up your moving company. Also, you can directly inquire at the township offices on 2 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville.

In a very global way, this involves three steps: 

  • The construction of a business plan and the obtention of an authorization to practice granted by the Federal Office of Transport located at 27 Bollwerk, Berne for the carriers-movers. 
  • Choice of legal form: sole proprietorship, partnership, public limited company or limited liability company. The SME portal of the Swiss Confederation offers advices on choosing the legal form. 
  • This choice must be accompanied by a registration in the Commercial Register either from its site or from its office located at 4 Rue du Puits-Saint-Pierre, in Geneva.
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