How to move your Piano alone in Geneva

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Moving a piano, upright or grand, is a complex operation that requires special provision, including those related to its size and its imposing weight. Here, the risk lies mainly in unsuitable manipulations that may damage it. 

Moving your piano alone in Geneva : ​​what you need to consider

Before moving your piano alone in Geneva, some preliminary steps must be realized. First, it is essential to take your piano dimensions: its weight, its volume, etc. These informations will be essential when you should move this musical instrument.

Then, the accessibility of your starting dwelling and your destination should be checked. The transport of a piano is a difficult operation considering its fragility and its imposing size, you may not be able to go through the driveway. In this way, in addition to basic tools as non-slip gloves, straps, carts, and protective covers, which are essential to protect the piano, you must rent a lift or even a freight elevator if your piano is at a height too high.

For transportation, choose a suitable vehicle like a van; you can rent one in professional moving companies in Geneva.

However, you must remember that despite good will and some efforts, moving a piano is almost impossible for a single person. You would need 3 or 4 pairs of hands to move the piano without damaging it.

Is it profitable to move your piano alone in Geneva?

As you will have note, moving a piano alone is not easy, because you will need to buy protections, rent equipments and a van for its transportation.

All of this is already included in the service of a  move professional in Geneva. You will have at your disposal a whole team who will take care of packing, moving and transporting your piano safely. In the end, putting the move of your piano in the hand of a professional in Geneva can be more profitable than doing it by yourself. Also, it will save you a lot of time.

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