How to use packing materials for moving? Label and colour all moving boxes.

Expert advice:

Once all your belongings are packed in moving boxes and placed in the truck, whether it is a truck that you’ve rented and you drive yourself or the one used by moving professionals, most of these moving boxes will resemble and they can even appear completely identical. Especially in the case if your move is big expert advice is the following: do not mention only the name of the room to which each moving box belongs: add some comments (like cups, utensils, Tupperware or textbooks, tax files, stationery).

Even better, you should consider using a different coloured packaging tape for each room, or just spread a line of Washi tape across some sides of each moving box and change the colour or pattern for each room. This will help you in the loading process and will save you a lot of time and effort and avoid you the headache when moving all the moving boxes to your new apartment.

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