How to manage your team during a move, delegate responsibilities and which packing materials to buy?

During the move it is very important to follow the rules and timing. For this reason each team of movers at CARBONIE MOVES has team leaders, which gives responsibilities to each mover that each specialist is at a correct place during a move. Moreover, team leader is responsible for timing because it’s the most crucial resource during a move. His role becomes even more important there are more than 3 movers in a team. Team leader is a project manager, which makes a plan for each step and gives orders to everyone (to make transportation, carton box packing, disassembly / reassembly / packing of furniture and etc.). Team leader takes care of processes and deals with clients to make them happy. Moreover he has to be able to predict the end of the move precisely till 30 min. We give here some tips how to become a god team leader during your move:

  1. Try to avoid unnecessary talks during the move and switch off your mobile phones.

Moves – this is teamwork. For carton box or luggage packing you need just one person, but for moving a table or bad and for disassembly of furniture you will need 2 persons. And if your partner is chatting on the phone with his wife, you will be obliged to make a break. Answer the phone only if it’s really necessary for organizing the move (and you are not driving). Personal phone calls is better to postpone till the move is finished.

  1. Give the list of works for a move to your team in advance

There is nothing worse than unplanned work. This really demotivates a team. Imagine, they are ready to finish the move and you come up with a storage fully packed which will require one more transportation. At this moment your team will for sure loose motivation. You should discuss the volume of work in advance. Make a tour around a house / apartment to check what is inside. Show those things that are precious for a client. Those are not necessarily expensive things, it could be a small sentimental stuff which reminds a person about a nice moment of his / her life.

  1. Set the target and temp of works

One professional team of movers is able to load a van of 20m3 in 2 hours, taking into consideration that there is an easy access the a building and the apartment is not higher than at the 2 floor. A team will unload a van twice as faster with the same conditions. Let’s take an example. A move between Morges and Lausanne with a volume of 40m3 and one van of 20m3 will take: 2 hours for loading, 30 minutes for transportation, 1 hour for unloading, 30 minutes to come back. One full transportation will take 4 hours but you need 2. So, it will take 8 hours. If you did not take a team of professional movers, be ready that the move can take up to 12-13 hours.

  1. Take care of packing materials for moves.

Professional packing material for moves cost relatively expensive. Normally moving companies use furniture covers, bubble wrap, packing tape every day, so, the purchase of protections even relatively expensive is quickly become rentable. Professional packing for moves allows movers to pack crystal ware in a mater of minutes, transport a set of 40 carton boxes from a window every 5 minutes and carry a piano by means of special belts with just two movers…

For amateurs we strongly recommend to buy a packing tap to stick chest of drawers and the doors of your wardrobes, to stick together garden utilities and etc. To move carton boxes, instead of a professional roller platform for movers you can use a skateboard of your son. Like this you do not need to carry but just to pull them. Be sure that you have all necessary utilities to disassembly and reassembly furniture. Use some covers to protect your furniture and bubble wrap for more fragile items.

  1. Do not loose your time!

As soon as the plan of action and all packing materials for move are ready, go on! Start your move! Cheer up your helpers and try to motivate them to finish loading of a van until 10:30 a.m. Everyone should work fast and know exactly what they will do as soon as they put the last carton box in the van. Prepare your speech for the end of the move as soon as everything is done.

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