Cheap tariff for a storage place in Switzerland

“I can’t find an new apartment but I have to move out from my ex-apartment soon, what should I do?” – Does it ring the bell?

We have quite a number of clients that have to move out from their apartments because their contract is almost finished but they are struggling to find a new place to live. In these cases we strongly recommend to fix the date of the move as early as possible. In any case you know that you have to move out and either you want it or not the date is fixed by your contract. So, it is better to plan your move in advance. In case if you do not have a new apartment, you can rent storage place for your furniture and keep it as long as necessary. This will give you some flexibility during apartment search. Why do we recommend reserving a date of the move in advance? If you received a free moving quote but haven’t reserved the service in advance, the moving company can be completely booked out in hot dates. Moreover, the demand at the end of the month is so big that the price of the move can grow significantly if you order it last moment. So, the best way to you is to book your move minimum 3-4 weeks in advance and ask 2 prices:

  1. Transportation from apartment to apartment
  2. Transportation from apartment to storage and from storage to another apartment

Even though that the second variant might look a bit more expensive, it’s not exactly the case. First of all you should be really lucky to find an apartment at the last moment. So, in most of the cases you will need to rent a storage place and if you order it in advance a transporter will offer you a cheap tariff for storage. On the other hand due to the fact that transportation from storage is flexible by time, a moving company can also make it cheaper than during hot dates.

If you do not have a place to live when you are moving our, you can rent a hotel room. Do not forget to ask for a price reduction, if you order a room for a long time. You can also consider different offers from hostels or apartment rent for short term.

Receive a tariff for a storage place.

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