Change of address. Forwarding of mail to your new address and notification of move

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When you change your address, you should notify Residents Office (in French: Controle des habitant) and all the organizations you have contracts with:

  • Your place of employment
  • Financial institutions
  • The bank where you have an open account, credit card companies
  • Health insurance company (it’s better if you notify straight away. It’s important not only to receive your bills on time but also to review the conditions of the contract)

All the organizations you have inform when you change your address 🔎

There are two methods of forwarding mails during the change of address:

1. Personal notification of each organization.

Create a check list of all the service providers that you ever used and those shops that you consider to be important for you. After send e-mails to all of them. Alternatively you can send letters through post office. In this case new mails will be redirected to your new address straight away.


  • All new letters will be straight away forwarded to your new address.
  • This way is free of charge.


  • To create a check list of all the organizations and sending e-mails to them can take a while. However if you use post-forwarding service (Have a look to the second way), you will have to do it sooner or later anyway.
  • You night forget some of the organizations. So, you will probably need a mail forwarding service anyway.

2. Mail forwarding service.

Post office provides this service and it is chargeable. Mail forwarding service is available in the whole Switzerland and abroad.

Check the info and tariffs for mail forwarding service here. 🔎


  • This method is convenient because you do not need to notify all of the organizations straight away. You just need to subscribe for mail forwarding service at any post office or through post website and you will receive all your letters to new address.
  • This method is also convenient if you were obliged to change your address immediately or to leave abroad. However you think that you will change address again in the nearest future.


  • It will take a bit longer to receive letters. But do not worry, urgent letters or notifications will come to you on time in any case.
  • This method is chargeable.
  • You will have to notify all the organizations about address change any way.

Tell us about your method of notification about address change. We might have missed something or you can offer the method which is more convenient. Did you face any problems with notifications? How is it possible to avoid them?

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