Who should be advised when moving to Geneva ?

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A good organization is always the key of a successful move to Geneva. Behind the euphoria of living in a new habitat, there is always the stress related to administrative procedures prior to departure. In this article, we give you the detailed list of institutions to warn when you move to Geneva. Please note that we have not included the mover in this list. This point being crucial, we will devote another article to it.

Inform the Civil Registry about the move

All departure and arrival in the city of Geneva must be reported to the Civil Registry Department of the municipality, located on 37 Rue de la Mairie. Managers will obtain a departure certificate or a residence certificate, depending on your case. These documents will be useful for many administrative procedures, like a change of domiciliation of a bank account. For foreigners, the Cantonal Office of Population and Migration takes care all the procedures relating to homes and residences.

Inform the Geneva Industrial Service (GIS)

Before your move, at least 3 days in advance, you must contact the GIS to put in order your electricity, water, gas and optical fiber contracts. You will find the headquarters on Chemin du Château-Bloch, on Le Lignon, but you will save more time by going directly to the GIS site.

Contact the post office

To avoid losing your mail, it is advisable to announce your move at least 4 working days before the D-Day. Currently, the Post Office in Geneva offers two types of postal address change service.

  • The first formula is free. You indicate your new address and the post office informs the commercial institutions that send you regular mail (bank, insurance, telephone operator, etc.). 
  • The second, called premium, includes, in addition to the two points included in the basic formula, the forwarding of mail to your new address for 1 year. This offer is priced from 30 CHF.

In addition to this site, you can also visit the post offices in Geneva, located at 18 Rue du Mont-Blanc, Rive 3 Rue du Vieux-Collège, 23 Rue des Charmilles, 36 Rue des Pâquis, 16 Rue des Gares, Rue du 31 December 47, 42 Rue de la Servette, etc. 

Report your move to Tax Services 

  • If you leave Geneva for another canton, you must complete the form downloadable on this site and deliver it by hand to the counters of the cantonal tax administration (CTA), 26 rue du Stand, at least 15 days before departure. 
  • If you leave Geneva for another country, you must report to the CTA no later than 15 days before your move. You will need to submit the completed departure questionnaire, the previous year’s declaration and the year of the move, your proof of income and assets dated the day of your departure. To do this, ask the bank and your former employer for these documents. 

Inform your employer 

The law gives you the right to at least 1 day off for your move. This period may vary depending on your working conditions and the distance between your old and new address. Inform, then, your employer of the exact date of the move to Geneva and the  days of leave number required.

Talk to the Cantonal Vehicle Service 

If you own one or more vehicles, you must go to the Cantonal Vehicles Office at 86 Route de Veyrier. Indeed, registration in Geneva is based on the owner address. You can also find information on parking spaces, the need or not for a license plate change or a license. Happy move to Geneva!

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